The first stretch film printing solution in Romania!

Up to 4 colors stretch film printing for mini rolls , hand rolls and automatic rolls 

Custom printed stretch pallet wrap dresses up the pallet visually and draws attention to your brand.

Custom printing of pallet stretch wrap has several advantages like inventory control, improved load appearance, advertising, and as a deterrent to tampering.  We would like to help you fulfill your palletizing needs.

Printed stretch film offers load security and stability while branding all pallets with company logos and artwork. It is a great way to advertise while pallets are in transport or in storage. Printed stretch film rolls cost more because they offer more.

The decision to order a pallet of branded stretch film can be difficult because of the cost. Most companies ordering printed film order it for advertising purposes while still accomplishing load security at the same time. It is a perfect option to have on any pallet of products that will be exposed to many potential customers. This exposure can be during transit or most often during storage. Any pallets stored in areas with high traffic should use printed stretch film.

Shipping and marketing benefits: Custom printed pallet wrap improves load appearance, cuts pilferage, advertise and deter tampering.

We recommend companies to print on either a white or clear stretch film. They both offer the ability for the logo or print to stand out.  The clear stretch film is the cheaper option to print on, but the white stretch film really helps to allow logos to stand out.

There is no limit to the options users can have with our custom printed stretch film offerings. Customizing print for stretch film enhances the appearance and organizational abilities for pallet loading.

Printing can also be used for advertising or to provide product information, special instructions, or contact information, all while still providing the same ease of use and package-securing benefits of stretch film.

Custom printed stretch film has also been known to act as a deterrent to package tampering since it makes any attempted entry into pallets more easily recognizable. 

Stretch film has low minimum requirements for custom print orders, enabling both small and large warehouses to experience the benefits of custom printing and help them stand out among their competitors.